Learn to swim - Level 4

Level 4 is for those learners who have graduated level 3 swimming lessons, or for those new to Featherston Swim Club that can demonstrate the following skills:

  • Crouch and 1/4 Turn Entry

  • Float with Improvised Flotation Equipment

  • Freestyle Breathing Position

  • 15m Freestyle

  • 15m Backstroke

  • 15m Scull

  • Breaststroke Leg Action

  • Breaststroke Arm Action

  • Non-rigid Equipment Assistance


Our coaches for the 2018/19 season are Jocelyn Connon and C Johnson


To be able to graduate level 4 children must be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Safe Dives

  • Dolphin Body Action

  • Individual Survival Initiatives and Assistance Signal

  • 25m Freestyle

  • 25m Backstroke

  • 25m Breaststroke

  • 15m Survival Backstroke

Lesson plans (pdf)